Gaining popularity on Instagram is about making a good image for yourself. This involves great posts and a bit more. When you are doing it all for social media marketing like I am, it is especially important to gain some real popularity as fast as you can.

You need to start out with every single post that you do having a vividly colorful image and great captions. The photos need to be clear and crisp with images that are enough to evoke emotion. This way, you will have something worth sharing.

You can buy Instagram likes to start out with and also do it during more crucial campaigns. Sure, these likes are not exactly real and they don’t include followers but the idea is simple. When a post looks more popular, it tends to draw more people to follow.

I found this out for myself. I decided to buy the likes for awhile and see what the results would be. As it turns out, the plan worked just fine and I was getting more organic likes as a result. Better still, I started to gain a good following.

This meant that, with buying the likes, I was getting the results I wanted. People seem to prefer to follow and like posts that are already popular. In a way, this makes sense so it is still a tactic that I use to this very day.

I found out more tips though. If you want your photos to be popular, do not use the photo filters very often, if at all. It was a trend in the beginning and it died out very fast so there is no point in trying to woo and win people over with those crazy filters anymore.

Instead, you should use images that are crisp and clear and to the point. Make them natural, the way they are supposed to be and then people will be better able to appreciate them. Do not make them all about business. Add some personality to them in order to mix things up.

You want to leverage everything you can about the account you have with Instagram. That means making sure that your bio is short and only contains valuable information. Offer a clear and tempting call to action for followers to subscribe to your email list.

The email list you already have needs to grow and you can use Instagram to grow it. When people see that they can get discounts and incentives for signing up for your emails, they will easily be converted to subscribers.

When you do buy Instagram likes, use them wisely. Keep an accurate record of this and all other tactics you use to see if they are producing results in the right direction. You will soon start to see a rise in popularity with all the right tactics used.

Understand that what you are doing is building your brand. I keep this in mind with every post I make and it helps keep me on track.

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