You have a marketing goal and you want to not only meet that goal but you want to exceed it. I know this is true for me and I am always setting goals. It is important to set goals so you can achieve them. Once I have reached a goal on Instagram, I make new goals to meet and exceed.

You can do the same thing as I have done. One of my goals is always to gain followers. It can be tough to keep track sometimes of who is following what but careful record keeping helps. I learned that the best way to start is with great content.  Even buy IG followers to get a bigger following.

Be sure that the content you are posting is excellent. I use very vivid colors in my images and make sure that all photos are of the highest digital quality that I can produce. It helps if I use creative captions and this helps me to make posts that people want to share.

I also learned that hashtags are useful. You want to keep them to a minimum but hashtags are a great way to lead to other posts that you have and to provide your followers with more information to follow on the lead for your brand.

The whole idea is to boost your brand. I always make my Instagram posts related to my brand, allowing the posts to build on the brand idea. Buying followers helps because it leads more people to follow once they see how popular your posts are.

People tend to think in terms of existing popularity and that is why they are more likely to follow your posts and your brand if they think you are already popular. The idea may seem a bit contrived, but it works and you would just have to see for yourself like I did.

I thought it was a form of cheating at first but then I realized that the good photos and content was still up to me. Even though I could buy IG followers, I would not have to as much as long as the posts I make are excellent and worth sharing with others.

The value of making your brand consistently more appealing is not to be underestimated. You will need to use as many tactics as possible to do this. One way is to tag friends as often as possible so they will share on their feeds as well.

Another smart move to boost your brand following is to be sure that your brand handle is on every package and invoice that you send out. Offer incentives to those who would subscribe to your email list as well. Make sure you do this last part.

I discovered that my Instagram bio is vital to converting followers into email subscribers. I make the caption for my bio short and to the point, much like a Twitter tweet. I include a clear and concise call to action.

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